Power Base IMax is an off-grid energy storage system which integrates the battery system, the inverter system and the control system.

这个产品方便携带和安装l. In various climates and working environments, it quickly provides the power supply. This product is widely used in homes, schools, clinics, and emergency rescue places in remote areas, providing customers with the cost-effective and convenient power solutions.


与柴油发电机相比,PowerBase IMAX不需要昂贵的燃料,它可以在没有污染,噪音,高维护成本的情况下操作,而是为各种负载提供电力,包括灯,风扇,收音机,电视和移动设备手机。与此同时,它也可用作紧急备用电源,以确保可持续的电源。


  • Three operation modes, Solar Prior Mode, Utility Prior Mode (default), SBU Mode (Solar-Battery-Utility).
  • When the grid power is suddenly cut off, the stable power supply can be provided independently for users.
  • When the power grid does not provide power for a long time, the generator is supported to connect in for power supply.
  • 最大5KW输出,效率> 98%。
  • Supports simultaneously two-type voltage output, typical 104V AC and 208V AC; other types also supported.
  • It adopts a power frequency transformer, with strong carrying capability, stable and reliable operation, and high safety performance.
  • The system has three-level protection, better guarantees the safety of the product.
  • The inverter is integrated with the lithium battery system, occupies smaller space and simpler wiring, which can be installed quickly and easily.
  • 独特的主控制箱设置明显提高产品安全性和责任;可以实现各种通信协议,以连接不同品牌的逆变器。
  • Main control box supports RS485, RS232, and CAN communication.
  • Touch screen indicates the working status of the system, alarm information, and the status of each lithium battery module.
  • Supports replacement of old battery modules.


  • Solar Prior Mode.Solar Prior Mode: the PV will provide the power to the loads first. If the solar energy is insufficient, this part will be supplemented by the battery; when solar energy is not available, or the battery voltage drops to the setpoint or triggered the low voltage alarm, then it will be powered by the grid.
  • Utility Prior Mode (default).The utility will provide the power to the load first. Solar and battery power the load only when the utility is not available.
  • SBU Mode.PV将首先向负载提供电源,电池将覆盖不足的部分。当电池电压降至设定点或触发低压警报时,负载将由该实用程序提供动力。